Armed Men Posing as Police Officers Raid Migori Estate, Shoot Woman

A middle-aged woman in Migori County was on Thursday shot and injured by armed men posing as police officers who raided her house and ordered her family to report to Migori County Police Station.

Speaking to the press, the woman narrated the incident, saying that the armed men raided their neighbourhood in search of her.

When they reached her residence, they knocked and identified themselves as police officers, claiming they needed her at the police station over a report she had filed. 

A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021



A week before this incident, the woman had filed a report at the Migori police station after an attack by unidentified men that had left her severely injured.

According to her account, the armed individuals claimed that they had arrested the attackers and wanted her to positively identify them at the police station.

She complied with their request, opening the door, even though her children were frightened and hesitant.

“After listening to their request, I opened the door. At the time, my children were scared and did not want us to go but I convinced them,” she said

“We followed the men to a certain distance when they said that they were not police officers but were rather sent to kill me.”

The woman pleaded with them to let her family go, but they pulled out a gun and shot her on the ribs, with the bullet passing through her back, causing her to collapse and bleed.

Terrified by the incident, her children fled while crying out for help. The armed men attempted to shoot at the children but they managed to escape unharmed.

Following the commotion, passersby rushed to the scene and found the woman lying on the floor, while the armed individuals had escaped from the scene.

She was rushed to Migori County Referral Hospital for medical treatment.

Police officer disembarking from a vehicle.



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