Cabinet Approves Ksh16.6 Billion Project Boosting Electricity Supply

The government has authorized Ksh16.6 billion for electricity transmission infrastructure projects.

Through a cabinet dispatch sent to on October 13, the Cabinet stated that the funds were elected to construct new power lines.

“This investment in the new construction lines will enhance quality and reliable power supply in the country,” Cabinet stated.

The transmission lines to be constructed include the Narok-Bomet, Malindi-Weru and Kabarnet-Rumuruti lines.

KPLC to switch off the electricity supply on the 132kV double circuit Lessos-Lanet transmission to give room for ongoing construction.


Kenya Power

The Cabinet chaired by President William Ruto also approved the Supplementary Budget, which contains 10 per cent of ministries’ cuts.

It follows the move by the Government to rationalise its budget by cutting down unnecessary expenditures such as foreign travel by more than Ksh71 billion.

Further, the Cabinet approved Ksh4 billion for coffee farmers and the Ksh3 billion released earlier.

Farmers will now earn Ksh80 a kilogramme of cherry from the current Ksh20 a kilogramme as an advance payment.

“Government will deliberately search for better markets for farmers by inviting world renown coffee dealers,” the dispatch revealed.

This will re-energise the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, which has witnessed depressed prices and low sale volumes at the auction.

This cash injection comes amidst pleas to write off coffee farmers’ debts in a bid to revitalise the sector.

To that effect, Kigumo MP Joseph Munyoro called on the government to bail out coffee farmers as it had done for sugar millers.

Finally, As part of the Multinational Security Support Mission pursuant to the UN Security Council Resolution, the Cabinet ratified the deployment of the National Police Service to Haiti as sanctioned by the National Security Council.

The Resolution of the National Security Council on the proposed deployment has been submitted for approval by Parliament, pursuant to Article 240 of the Constitution.

A photo showing Kenya Police Officers.


Tom Maruko

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