Atwoli Slams LSK Over Brian Mwenda Fiasco

Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli on Sunday declined to issue an apology after Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Eric Theuri criticised him for jumping to the defence of fake lawyer Brian Mwenda who has been flagged for practicing without a valid license.

In a statement, Atwoli maintained that he will not withdraw his support for Brian Mwenda claiming that the society has in the past harboured rogue members who have continued to swindle Kenyans millions.

”I am not prepared, willing, and available to issue any apology or withdraw my support for Brian Mwenda and calls for Recognition of Prior Learning in the field of Law,” Atwoli said in a statement.

A photo of Law Society of Kenya President Eric Theuri.


The COTU boss further called on the LSK to convene an emergency meeting to clarify why Kenyans have been swindled by rogue LSK members and the measures it has taken to mitigate the vice.

”If today LSK were to ask Kenyans who have been swindled by lawyers to assemble in stadiums across the country, I am sure that ALL our stadiums, including the ones under construction for AFCON, would be full to capacity,” he added.

Atwoli further stated that  COTU(K) has received several petitions from Kenyans who have in the past been scammed by rogue lawyers. The trade unionist further went on to claim that LSK is shielding such elements and providing them immunity.

Atwoli threatened to expose a list of LSK members who have swindled Kenyans dealing with various cases in court.

”As Francis Atwoli, I am prepared, willing, and available to provide the LSK with a list of some of their members who continue to swindle clients ONLY if the LSK assures the public that they have the spine to handle such cases,” he further stated.

The COTU Secretary General concluded by calling on the Law Society of Kenya to forge a way of implementing Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL).

”Brian’s case cannot be about integrity and other ethical values and virtues that LSK claims to hold dear considering a majority of their members cannot stand the test,” stated Atwoli.

Brian Mwenda was exposed for masquarading as a lawyer and practicing without a license.

The quack lawyer is reported to have argued 26 cases and won all of them.

Fake Lawyer Brian Mwenda poses for a photo outside Milimani Law Courts in August 2022.



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