DCI Cracks Down on Ring Targeting Bank Customers in Banking Halls


The Directorate Of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has launched a manhunt for a four-member criminal gang targeting bank customers.

In a statement, DCI said that the gang typically targets bank customers in banking halls.

Their modus oparendi involves one ring member posing as a customer to identify targets, mostly those withdrawing cash in bulk.

This gang member then signals his accomplices on the lookout in the parking area. 

DCI headquarters in Nairobi.



”A member of the ring who also poses as a customer monitors and identifies targets, usually those withdrawing cash in bulk, before signaling his accomplices who keep stealing glances from the parking area,” partly read the statement.

Using a hired vehicle that bears false registration numbers, they trail their targets to a choice spot before striking in whichever way as long as they get to steal the money. In some cases, victims suffer grievous harm,” the DCI further said in its statement.

The agency gave one example from an incident reported to the DCI on October 7,  where suspects were caught on CCTV targeting a bank customer in Parklands.

According to the statement, the customer had in his possession a sum of Ksh 1.5 million in his Mazda CX5 vehicle which he parked near the bank and went to a nearby shop to pick up an item.

”The man would only return a short moment later to find himself poorer than he had left home. The gang which was using a Nissan Note bearing fake registration numbers had swiftly broken into his car and fled with the cash,”  DCI stated.

DCI is currently investigating the matter after the victim reported the case at the agency’s offices in Parklands.

The investigative agency also called on members of the public to remain vigilant and help authorities nab such criminals by providing information and giving valuable tips.

”Should you have any information that might help in taking down this dangerous gang whose sheer greed for quick riches has no regard for others’ toil and sweat,” the agency noted.

DCI officers during a sting operation at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in June 2019.




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