CJ Koome Issues Directive to DPP to Speed Up Traffic Reforms

Chief Justice Martha Koome on Monday issued a directive to the Director of Public Prosecutions Renson Ingonga (DPP) asking him to fast-track the currently stalled Instant Traffic Fines Reforms. 

In a statement, the Chief Justice, asked the DPP to prioritise the reforms observing that they are likely to streamline and address systemic corruption in the criminal justice system.

Koome further called for closer collaboration between the Judiciary and the  DPP who chairs the National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCTAJ) which is tasked with implementing the reforms.

There is need for collaboration between the Judiciary and the ODPP in addressing corruption within the criminal justice sector. It is important to appreciate that no institution can succeed alone in tackling prevalent corruption within the criminal justice system,” CJ Koome stated.

Chief Justice Martha Koome and Director of Public Prosecutions Renson Ingonga at the Supreme Court on October 16, 2023


Martha Koome

”I asked the DPP to prioritize unlocking these reforms as the Instant Traffic Fines Reforms is likely to have a transformative impact on the criminal justice system,” she added.

The latest move by the Chief Justice comes after she on July 15 pushed for the introduction of wide-ranging reforms including the reintroduction of instant fines for petty traffic offences among other changes.

Koome’s reforms are aimed at decongesting Kenyan prisons and cells filled with petty offenders.

Other reforms that the CJ has proposed include; reintroduction of roadside courts, imposition of instant fines and introducing a clear regulatory policy for boda boda transport.

Koome has also floated the idea of exploring alternatives to imprisonment such as community service, plea-bargaining as well as probation and aftercare.

The CJ has also in the past, during the COVID-19 era introduced virtual courts to speed up traffic offence cases.

Instructively, this comes after the Chief Justice on September 28 ordered that cash bails be processed in open court.

The country’s top judge said that the directive would enhance transparency in the Judiciary.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Renson Ingonga launching the Mukuru Community Social Justice Centre in Nairobi on October 14, 2023.



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