Heartbroken Mother Claims That Newborn Twin Was Swapped With Dead One

A mother who gave birth to twins is in turmoil after one of the babies was allegedly swapped with a dead one. 

The woman had been admitted to Kayole II Level Four Sub-County Hospital, in Kayole, Nairobi, where she gave birth. 

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, the heartbroken woman claimed that reports of ultrasounds done shortly after delivery indicated that the twins, a boy and a girl, were in good health.

She is thus seeking answers as to how one of the babies was suddenly pronounced dead.

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Her suspicions were raised after a doctor at the facility notified her that one of the twins succumbed before she could even see them. 

Residents of Kayole swarmed the hospital after getting wind of the incident, clamouring to get clarification on the incident.

Chris Odonge, Kayole Member of the County Assembly, informed the press that the issue was filed with the police, who launched investigations. 

“The body has been taken to Mama Lucy (hospital), and the good thing is that the twins’ father has an OB,” said Odonge.

“So we will follow up on the OB and do a DNA test. That is what is important so that we know whether the dead baby belongs to the mother,” he added.

Odonge asserted that the matter could not be settled until the DNA test was done.

Sub-County Police Commander Lucas Ongaye asked the residents to maintain calm and allow for investigation to be done.

“We have commenced an investigation since the case has been reported. We have faith the probe will be done well, and that we will get the right answers,” urged Ongaye. 

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