Matatu Owners Announce Plans to Dump Fuel Buses After EPRA Hike

Matatu Owners Association (MOA) has announced plans to convert its fuel-run buses to gas following the increase of fuel prices by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

During an Association meeting in Mombasa on Thursday, the Association’s chairperson Albert Karakacha revealed that they had already engaged gas operators over the changes.

He explained that the gas-run buses would be easier to maintain as compared to fuel-run vehicles.

Karakacha added that the new gas matatus would begin operations in the country next year.

Matatu Owners Association Chairman Albert Karakacha addressing the media on July 4, 2023.


Theuri Kibicho

“We have gas technology and we are doing research as an association to see whether gas will be cheaper. For gas, we have already talked to two people and by next year we will be having buses that use gas and it is also aimed at protecting Kenyans,” Karakacha stated.

“Going forward, we are also talking to electric bus manufacturers but that will take 10 years.”

Karakacha also noted that they will also be adopting electric vehicles in a move to cut operation costs.  

Meanwhile, he expressed that the association was engaging the government over the rising cost of fuel which has seen fare prices rise in the last two months.

The association is yet to announce new fares after fuel was increased by over Ksh5 on October 14.

Speaking to, Brendan Marshall, a member of MOA revealed that most matatus had scrapped the offpeak fare prices.

He noted that fares could not be increased any further because most Kenyans would be affected. Fares were increased by 20 per cent in September.

“Most of the routes are actually charging Ksh100 right now. We have scrapped the off-peak prices. As it is, we have raised to the maximum fares and we cannot go beyond that,” he stated.

An aerial photo showing motorists lining up for fuel at a fuel Station in Kileleshwa on Saturday, April 2, 2022.


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