Viral TikToker Faults Sakaja Over Nairobi Kanjo Incident, Loses Account

A woman who went viral on social media for confronting a Nairobi city council officer, commonly known as kanjo, has lost her TikTok account. 

The TikToker, identified as Gloria Ntazola, opened a new account on the social media platform, claiming that the Nairobi county government is responsible for her previous account being shut down. 

She further blamed Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja for the kanjo’s unruly behaviour and the Wednesday crackdown on vendors, which resulted in the confiscation of several trolleys. The askaris reportedly claimed that the vendors did not produce health certificates. 

However, the trolleys were returned, and vendors were compensated Ksh10,000 by the governor. 

A group on Nairobi County Askaris at the Central Business District on January 25, 2022.

“They’ve decided to pull down my TikTok account yesterday because of the Kanjo incident,” she alleged. 

“So the kanjo have decided to pull down my TikTok platform, but let me tell you something, Sakaja, talk to your people. I think you’re their master, they get orders from above. I think these people have targets where they need to collect a certain amount, i.e. Ksh2,000 or Ksh3,000 daily to take somewhere.

Ntazola urged Sakaja to order city council officers to stop harassing Nairobi residents trying to make a living. 

“Talk to the kanjo people to stop harassing people. Some of us are trying to make ends meet. I haven’t stolen or shot anybody. I was just parking my car, and he jumped inside my car, and I decided to film him to teach him a lesson that it’s not right to enter someone’s car without their consent. If this happened in the United States, someone can shoot you,” she warned. 

“Because, who are you? They think they can just harass anyone. Why don’t you go for them instead of those who are trying to make a living by selling smokies and eggs.”

The video, which went viral for the better part of Wednesday night, captured Ntazola confronting the county askari after the duo differed on parking at Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

In the video, Ntazola contested the officer’s attempts to arrest her and impound her car. The incident provoked discussions online regarding the treatment of citizens by the city council officers.

Despite the law being vague on whether county askaris are allowed to enter your car, police are allowed to do so under the Traffic Act (CAP 403).

The Act dictates that any police officer in uniform is allowed to stop any vehicle. Any police officer, licensing officer or inspector can also enter and drive any vehicle for the purpose of carrying out any examination and tests. 

It further states that it is lawful for police officers, upon reasonable suspicion of any offence under the Act, to order and require the owner of any vehicle to bring it to him.

A collage of police arresting protesters in Nairobi in April 2023 and county council askaris (kanjos) roaming around the CBD


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