El Nino: Kenya Power Issues 4 Advisories Amid Increased Rains


Kenya Power has issued an advisory to Kenyans amid increased rains witnessed in the country in recent days linked to El Nino.

In a notice published on the company’s social media platforms, the utility firm warned Kenyans against cutting trees next to power lines during this period.

Homeowners and other members who would wish to cut trees located next to power lines have been asked to seek advice from the utility firm before carrying out the exercise.

Additionally, Kenyans were warned against touching trees that have fallen on power lines which could lead to electrocution.

A photo of motorists using the Thika Superhighway during cold and rainy weather on March 2023.


Kenya Met

Parents were also advised to monitor the activities of their children around power lines and transformers.

“Advise children not to play near power lines or transformers,” the utility firm cautioned.

“Avoid contact with any fallen electricity supply lines, poles, or exposed underground power cables. Avoid contact with trees or branches touching or falling on power lines.”

Further, Kenya Power also provided phone numbers; 97771 or 0703070707 which can be used to report any electrical safety issues.

El Nino has been projected to begin this month all the way to December.

Already parts of the country have begun to experience above-average rainfall in the past week.

The Kenya Metrological Department has also projected increased rainfall to continue in several parts of the country.

Isolated storms are also anticipated to occur in parts of Lake Victoria Basin, North-eastern, North-western Kenya, Highlands East and west of the Rift Valley.

Kenya Power staff attending to a transformer during a past maintenance exercise in Nairobi County.


Kenya Power


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