Kenyan Assembled Bikes Used by Anti-Terror Police in Training Operations

The Anti-terror Police Unit is one of the elite police units in the country with tasks including taking down terror suspects.

As part of its programmes, the team attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) occasionally undertakes various skills development training which involves the use of speed bikes.

Notably, some of the motorbikes used for the training include Kibo bikes which are locally assembled.

Development of the high-octane machines is credited to Huib Van de Griisparde who is the CEO of Kibo Motorcycles.

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o together with former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya and Kibo bikes CEO Huib Van de Griisparde posing for a photo at the launch of Kibo K250 in Kisumu on April 12, 2019.


Kibo Motorcycles

The company indicates that the concept of the bikes began in 2011 when Griisparde took a trip to Africa.

“The idea was to build a commercially viable bike designed with the East African Terrain in mind,” Kibo details its history on their we

“In 2017, Kibo launched the first bike designed in the Netherlands and assembled in Kenya. The Kibo K150. This became the first purpose-built workhorse built to help East African riders pursue their dreams” Kibo Bikes detailed on its website.

Specifically, the 2nd Generation Kibo K160R and Kibo K250, which are fuel-run, feature predominantly in the training of ATPU’s Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Kibo K250 can carry a maximum load of 250 kg and has an average consumption of 29km per litre. The bike which weights 153 kg and is priced at Ksh334,000

On the other hand, Kibo K160R has a 10.4-litre tank with an average consumption of 40 km per litre. The bike weighs 153 kg and is priced at Ksh235,000

“It is equipped with a bigger instrument panel and wider side mirrors for easier visibility as well as ergonomic handlebar switches and an upgraded clutch switch to prevent unwanted starting.

“The K160R offers more efficiency and a robust look that matches its high performance.” the company stated.

These features offer the officers of the emergency team with requisite speed and stability to practice how to manoeuvre different terrains and shoot while in motion.

Notably, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) was formed in 2019, months after the Dusit terror attack and was tasked with hostage evacuation and combat.

DCI detectives on bikes during a training session on Friday, April 21, 2023



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