Nairobi Ex-Thief Recounts How he Robbed His Father in a Matatu

An ex-thief in Korogocho, Nairobi has shared an account of an incident which he stole from his own father, who was also a passenger in a matatu that they had robbed at the Baba Dogo stage.

Speaking to Edmac Media Studios, Samuel Odhiambo recounted how they used to target several matatus at the Baba Dogo stage in the morning hours before traffic police.

On that specific day, they picked a matatu at the stage, which had only four passengers just before it could leave for Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

Odhiambo and his gang boarded the matatu and demanded that all passengers surrender their valuables. He explained that they had organised their operations meticulously. 

A file image of Matatus parked at a bus stop in Nairobi CBD in April 2020.



They allocated each other roles: A person who kept watch, someone giving orders, and an enforcer who carried the weapons.

The 21-year-old, serving as the enforcer, described his shock when he realised that his own father was among the passengers.

“At first, I did not recognise him but then our eyes locked. I thought of backing out because of my father’s ailing condition but decided to go through with it in order to complete the mission,” he admitted.

” I realised the shock on his face, which remains vivid to date.”

After collecting the belongings and leaving, the gang scattered in different directions to avoid detection. They later met at a location to share the loot.

According to Odhiambo, each person walked away with Ksh10,000 and valuables, including phones, jewelry, and tablets.

His father later that day was hospitalised due to shock. 

“Seeing me in that matatu shocked my father to the point where he collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he was discharged a few hours later,” he explained.

Reflecting on the incident, the 21-year-old mentioned that his father was understandably upset when he returned home that night.

His father chose not to report the matter to the police but urged him to reflect on the direction of his life.

“I pondered the incident extensively, but I soon returned to my old ways. It took several more years before I recognised the gravity of my actions,” he revealed.

Born and raised in Korogocho, Odhiambo revealed that his involvement in criminal activities began during secondary school when he would take money intended for school fees for personal use.

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