Nakuru Residents Up in Arms After Truck Driver Dumps Garbage in Cemetery

Chaos ensued at Nakuru South Cemetry on Thursday as residents confronted a garbage truck driver intending to dump sludge at the cemetery.

Word of the garbage truck got out after it was sighted, and the residents quickly mobilized to block the driver.

The driver quickly attempted to flee the scene but was detained by the residents who alerted officers at Bondeni Police Station.

The locals questioned why the driver had brought the garbage from Nakuru CBD all the way to the cemetery.

Heaps of garbage dumped in a residential area in Kaloleni, Nairobi

Eddy Mwanza

They termed the plan a contravention of environmental policies and a health hazard to the children and the people of Nakuru.

Police officers trying to resolve the matter got into a confrontation with the occupants of the truck.

The officers directed the driver to take the garbage elsewhere. However, officers from the County Government of Nakuru arrived before the truck could leave.

The county officials and the police officers then decided to impound the truck.

Consequently, the truck driver was ordered to proceed to the Nakuru County enforcement office.

The locals maintained that the cemetery should be treated with respect and that those buried there should be allowed to rest.

They also commended the officers for acting swiftly upon being alerted.

In 2019, Nakuru South Cemetery was in the news headlines for the devastating state of neglect with oversized plants dotting the cemetery, and the lack of basic facilities like toilets and clean water.

Several garbage collectors at work in Nairobi


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