UK Family Cancels Halloween, Donates Money to Kenya

A UK-based couple that attracts hundreds of visitors over Halloween has decided to cancel this year’s party to donate the money to ailing Kenyans.

Charlotte Watson and her family, who are renowned for their annual Halloween display at their Alnwick home, will instead take a charity trip to Kenya accompanied by a UK nurse who will treat ailing Kenyans. 

“The charity we raised money for last year is doing a trip to Kenya on November 9 and I was invited to help there,” Charlotte stated in an interview with Chronicle Live, a UK-based media.

She admitted that hosting the October 31 party was impossible as she is currently overwhelmed with preparations for her Kenyan tour

A photo of a decorated Halloween house


Alnwick Halloween house

“It feels very strange and sad not setting up our decorations, This is a reminder we are NOT doing our display this year. If you come to visit us, you will be very disappointed. Back in 2024!!” Read the Alnwicks home Facebook page on October 17.

Charlotte’s family has been raising charity for different purposes every year for the past five years. 

This year, the family has been running a donation line for Kenyan Stoma patients who cannot empty their bowels. They thus supply the patients with stoma bags that help remove the waste directly from the body.

She claimed that several houses in the UK have boxes of stoma supplies lying idle and normally end up in the bin.

Her charity will thus offer relief to underprivileged Kenyans who suffer from stoma diseases and can’t afford proper utilities to help them continue their daily activities. 

For her trip, she will accompany specialized stoma nurses who will offer consultations.

“So women and girls who weren’t able to go to school because they had nothing can go to school… and young women aren’t ostracized from their villages anymore,” Charlotte opened up in her interview.

Photo of a Stoma patient under care


Kenya Network of Cancer Organization

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