Woman Confronts Murang’a Police Arresting Husband In Front of Children

Drama ensued at Kandara, Murang’a County, after police officers raided an estate and arrested a middle-aged man in front of his family.

The man, Joseph Kaburu, was apprehended minutes after the wife arrived, alarmed by the presence of civilian police inside her house. 

In a video recorded by the wife, the officers arrived at their premises on Friday afternoon, instructing the husband to accompany them to a police station.

The situation created a tense moment in the house as Kibiru’s two children were staring at the detectives pensively in the living room. 

A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021



This forced Kibiru’s wife to question why the detectives were in their house, yet they lacked an arrest or search warrant. 

Kibiru proceeded to inform her of the officers, stating that he was asked to report to the station for questioning.

He also willingly agreed to the officers’ request and boarded a white Volkswagen that was parked outside his house. According to the phone recording, Kibiru’s wife rushed outside, demanding answers from the cops.

“My husband Joseph Kibiru PMG was arrested on October 20, 2023, in the presence of our kids with no explanation whatsoever,” she stated.

She also shared the video and contacted activist and photojournalist Boniface Mwangi, who shared her story on his platform.

Per her account, she suspected that the arrest could be linked to Kibiru’s activism, given that he has been fighting for historical injustices against a local company.

“He is the patron of the Kandara Residents Association and they’ve been fighting historical injustices against the land that was stolen from the community by (name withheld),” she noted.

“The association is in court challenging the irregular renewal of the company’s land lease. The officers booked him at Gatanga Police Station.”

She explained that the police charged Kibiru with creating a disturbance, unlawful assembly and resisting arrest.

“They have refused to give him cash bail,” she claimed. 

A photo of a person in handcuffs.


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