CJ Koome Declines to Wade into Jubilee Party Turf Wars

Chief Justice Martha Koome has declined to immerse herself in the Jubilee Party turf wars pitting the faction led by embattled Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni against the one led by Nominated MP Sabina Chege.

In a statement shared by the Party, the Chief Justice confirmed receiving a letter from the political formation where she had been requested to consolidate all civil appeals relating to the party.

”The Hon. Chief Justice has no constitutional, statutory or administrative power or authority to order a court to consolidate matters, as this would amount to interference with judicial independence,” CJ Koome said in the letter.

Former Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni speaking after Jubilee Party executive committee meeting on Thursday, June 8, 2023.


Jubilee Party

CJ Koome advised that the discretion to consolidate lies with the court presiding over the matter.


 On Sunday, October 2022, 2023, the Party released another statement signed by Kioni slamming National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula for failing to ratify Azimio Coalition’s move to remove Sabina Chege as the Minority Whip.

The letter dated October 22 described Speaker Wetangula’s decision to delay the changes as a subversion of justice and micromanaging political parties. 

”As guardians of the democratic process, we implore you to act swiftly and transparently to convey and enforce Azimio Coalition’s decision, thereby confirming Hon. Mark Mwenje as the Deputy Minority Whip of the Azimio Coalition,” the statement partly read.

The party further claimed that the delay was a tactic to grant Sabina Chege a chance to obtain court orders to halt Azimio’s decision to de-whip her.

”The fate of our multi-party democracy hangs in the balance and your redemption window is fast closing,” the statement concluded.

Fierce Battle

The two developments come at a time when two different factions are battling for the soul of the Jubilee Party.

On July 13, the High Court temporarily suspended a decision by the Political Parties Tribunal that upheld a decision to kick embattled Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni and Vice Chairman from the Party.

The Tribunal, while delivering its ruling had also upheld the appointment of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Kanini Kega as Secretary General.

EALA MP Kanini Kega (left) and nominated MP Sabina Chege (right) during an event at Jubilee Headquarters on April 19, 2023.


Kanini Kega

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