Lulu Hassan: Why I Cannot Quit TV Job Despite Thriving Production Company

Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan has opened up on the possibility of leaving her job at Citizen TV and focusing on the production company she owns together with her husband Rashid Abdalla

While responding to questions from journalists during the launch of Zari Show on Maisha Magic, the Citizen TV anchor dismissed the likelihood of ditching her news anchor role to concentrate on Jiffy Productions which has produced popular shows such as Maria, Zora, Sultana, and Zari.

Hassan is also in charge of the operations of the Jiffy Pictures.

The news anchor reiterated her passion for journalism, maintaining that she has a deep-rooted passion for journalism and anchoring news.

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan posing for a photo in Citizen TV studios in 2021.


Rashid Abdalla

“It is not about leaving our work because we have another job. News anchoring and journalism is something that we all love. Many people may not know this but I was once an actress. Back then, we did not get these platforms,” she stated.

“What we used to do was stage plays. Acting is my blood. When I got the opportunity to go on TV. I used that opportunity to attract those I was with back home. We are creating stars and opportunities.”

When asked whether they would open their own TV station, she downplayed the reports explaining that she and her husband have not thought of that at the moment with their focus being producing quality content and creating job opportunities.

She revealed that it has never been their dream to open their own station.

“Owning a TV station is very expensive. We are not there yet and I don’t think we are thinking of anything like that. What we want with Jiffy is to create employment the way we are currently,” she added.

“Everybody has their dream. Those who opened Maisha Magic and Citizen TV had the dream.” 

Hassan was speaking during the launch of their new telenovela show, Zari, which will be airing Maisha Magic from Monday to Friday for one hour.

The new show features notable actresses including Brenda Wairimu, Sarah Hassan and Yamin Said (Maria).

Yasmin Said alias Maria posing for a photo at the 2020 Kalasha Awards red carpet on Saturday 12 December 2020.


Yasmin Said

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