NEMA Ranks Religious Institutions as Top Sources of Noise Pollution

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has ranked religious institutions including churches and mosques as the biggest sources of noise pollution in the country.

According to the notice by NEMA, religious institutions account for 60% of noise pollution emitted in the country.

In its report, the agency put the percentage of other notable major sources of noise pollution such as clubs, parties, and events at 40%.

A photo of NEMA offices in Nairobi, Kenya.



In the statement, NEMA clarified that “The complaints from religious institutions arise from the mounting of speakers outside their premises and playing music the whole day as well as night vigils, prayers, sermons and call for prayers where loudspeakers are used.”

Further, the Authority advised religious institutions to engage in responsible noise management.

“NEMA therefore stipulates that the religious leaders, community representatives and other relevant stakeholders to embrace a cooperative and constructive relationship that emphasises the importance of responsible noise management,” NEMA stated.

The authority noted that religious institutions can limit the noise coming from their establishments, while also preserving the spiritual and cultural significance of religious practices.

Moreover, NEMA reiterated its resolve to sensitise the public on environmental matters so as to ensure the health and safety of all Kenyans.

“This will reinforce the significance of collaboration and mutual respect between religious leaders and communities in creating a harmonious living environment,” stated the Authority.

Earlier this year, Nairobi Governor Jonson Sakaja noted that he was concerned about noise pollution from churches in the city.

Sakaja also expressed intent to crack down on noisy bars and clubs that are a headache to city dwellers.

Kenyans have often raised concerns over noise pollution by these establishments, calling for urgent action by authorities.

Late last year, the Nairobi County Liquor Board suspended the licenses of 43 bars and nightclubs following a crackdown due to noise complaints by residents.

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