British Family Raises Ksh2.3 million for Guide Who Died Attempting to Save Their Kin

The family of Shilpa Shah, a British woman who lost her life while hiking Mt. Kenya, has raised millions to support the family of Kenyan guide, Kelvin Muriuki Mwithi, who also passed away trying to save their kin

As a gesture of appreciation for Mwithi’s heroic efforts, the Shah family initiated an online fundraiser, which raised Ksh2.3 million from 200 donations within 20 hours.

According to the GoFundMe Website, Shilpa’s brothers, Vishad and Shamit, contributed Ksh 182,000, marking the largest donation received by the time of publishing this piece. 

The objective of the campaign is to raise Ksh 3.64 million (equivalent to 20,000 pounds), a target set to support Kelvin’s family during this difficult time.

Kelvin Muriuki Mwithi (right), with a friend on a hike


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”The Shah family is eternally grateful to Kelvin, a hero guide who lost his life attempting to save our dear Shilpa who slipped whilst trekking Mount Kenya. Kelvin has left behind a young wife and child, who have not only lost their loved one but have lost their main source of income,” Shah’s family remarked in a statement.

“This has left them in a difficult situation and we would appreciate any donations no matter how big or small to honour his life and support his beloved family.”

While recounting the tragic accident that claimed the lives of Shah and Kelvin, Shah’s family highlighted, “We would like to create a shining light through this period of darkness for Kelvin’s family.”

Friends and family have described Kelvin as a “…true angel who brightened the lives of everyone fortunate enough to have known him. His infectious smile, boundless sense of humour, and selfless dedication to his passion for guiding mountaineering expeditions are a testament to the beautiful soul he was.”

Well-wishers who donated have lauded Shah’s family for their kindness while consoling both families for their loss.

Kelvin’s friends from Kenya have also started contributions online to help support his young family.

“My friend has rested. Our hearts are broken. May his soul transition to the afterlife peacefully,” one of Kelvin’s friends eulogized online.

“May his selflessness inspire us to live fully, dedicating our lives to the service of humanity,” the tribute further stated.

A collage of peaks of Kenya’s tallest mountain, Mt Kenya.


Mt Kenya

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