Kenyan Drives From Nairobi to South Africa in 13 Days

For 13 days Victor Matara and his friends have been on the road traveling from Nairobi to Capetown.

While sharing his journey online, Matara highlighted the major event of the ride traversing different countries in the continent.

The journey that started on Monday, October 16, came to an end on Saturday just in time for the tourists to celebrate with South Africans after the Springboks won the Rugby World Cup.

“We went to catch the Rugby World Cup Final at Rhapsody’s-Sunnyside. What an experience,” Matara wrote.

The journey which was approximately 4,063 kilometers started in Nairobi through Tanzania via the Namanga border.

A collage of a car used by a group of Kenyans who drove from Nairobi to South Africa


Victor Matara

Matara and his friends manouvered Tanzania for about five days taking detours to marvel at the different cities and tourist attractions.

Besides their passports, the team was required to provide a car logbook, a yellow fever vaccination card, and a COMESA yellow card among other requirements depending on the country.

After leaving Tanzania, the team entered Zambia for more fun-filled days taking photos on the way to capture the moment.

While in Zambia, Matara and his friends were forced to put white and red stickers on their car’s front and rear to avoid breaking the law.

The team shared the various charges varying from country to country including the fuel prices as Kenyans grapple with high prices. While on the road the team also met with other Kenyans who were working abroad, especially truck drivers.

“Lusaka is the first real city we’ve encountered since leaving Nairobi. First impression, a clean city,” Matara remarked.

One of the challenges faced in Zambia was being apprehended by traffic officers for using the wrong lane which constituted dangerous driving.

After about four days in Zambia, the six entered Zimbabwe. The journey in Zimbabwe was shorter and they left for Botswana.  

“This is one of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen in my life. The video doesn’t do enough justice to what I saw,” Matara hailed praise on Victoria Falls.      

During the journey, some of the major sceneries were Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Lusaka National Museum (Zambia), and Kawetire Rift Valley View Point (Tanzania)

Matara’s journey is among other long-distance journeys Kenyans have taken to travel the world using unconventional means including bicycles and motorbikes.

A group of Kenyans posing for a photo before Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


Victor Matara

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