Kisii Family in Agony Over Mysterious Disappearance of KPSEA Candidate

One family in Bonchari in Kisii County is in agony over the mysterious disappearance of their son, a Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) candidate just a day before the national examinations slated for Monday.

According to the parents, the KPSEA candidate at Itibo ELCK Primary School identified as Marube disappeared a month ago and is still missing.

”He was in black trousers and the shoes were red and pink in colour. I am asking for assistance to find my child to enable him sit for his exams with others,” Veronicah Ogembo, the boy’s mother told journalists on Sunday.

Speaking during the interview, Ogembo recalled coming back from home one day only to find her son missing.

A photo collage of KCPE candidates cleaning desks and students during the exam session.



Following her son’s disappearance, Marube’s mother told his grandmother about what had transpired. The first course of action was to ask other children whether they had seen their kin.

After this failed to bear fruit, the family initiated a search party for the missing boy.

Consequently, Marube’s mother is now appealing to residents and authorities to help her locate her son to enable him to sit for the exams alongside other candidates.

Marube is among 1.2 million pupils penciled to sit for the 2023 KPSEA examinations. Another 1.4 million students are expected to sit for the KCPE examinations.

Cases of candidates disappearing just before national examinations have been reported in the past.

In September 2022, the family of one Cyrus Onsando reported the case of their son going missing before sitting for his exams at Green Valley Academy in Kisii County.

The matter was reported at Nyanchwa Police Station but the family has never found their son.

Despite failing to trace their child since, the family clings to the hope that they will find their son alive.

A collage of an example of a KCSE certificate (left) and the entrance to KNEC offices on May 17, 2018.



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