Nakuru Residents Up in Arms After 2 Churches Demolished Overnight

Nakuru residents have expressed concerns following the demolition of two churches that occurred at 3 a.m. on Monday morning on October 30.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, one of the residents, whose family runs one of the churches, claimed that the flattening was triggered by a land dispute dating back to 1985.

According to her account, the demolitions started after unknown persons invaded the church and started knocking down the buildings.

“The invaders came at around three in the morning, took out all the items, and attacked our dad who is currently in the hospital,” one of the victims told journalists.

“We are still in the dark. The invaders never bothered to listen to what our father had to tell them,” the victim narrated.

Photo showing one of residents in Nakuru County


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The victim further added that the dispute began in 1985 after her grandmother’s sister sold the land to another person.

“We have the right to claim this land. We own it legally because we inherited it from our grandmother who inherited it from her mother,” the victim narrated.

While narrating events, the victim appealed for the national government’s intervention to ensure that justice is served.

Church leaders from the respective churches stated that demolishing the wall has exposed them to insecurity.

“We started leasing this land back in 2019, and then we built the church which cost us Ksh1.2 million. Now they have taken the seats,” lamented one of the residents.

Meanwhile, authorities have stated that investigations into the matter have been launched and are currently ongoing to establish the cause of the matter.

Police officers stated that no stone would be left unturned with the intention being to recover the stolen items.

A screengrab showing one of the vicitim in an Interview


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