UDA Governor Begs Kenyans to Help Catch Thief Captured Stealing From Hospital

Murang’a Governor Irungu Kang’ata was on the receiving end after appealing to Kenyans to help catch a thief who was spotted stealing a hospital bench.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) governor shared the CCTV footage showing the man stealing from the hospital.

The thief was captured on CCTV dragging the seat across the hospital before carrying it on his shoulders and leaving the premises.

“Help us find this thief who stole a bench at Murang’a Level 5 Hospital. Report to the nearest police station,” he wrote.

A screengrab of a man stealing a bench from Muranga level 5 hospital


However, Kenyans questioned the hospital’s security for the man to leave the hospital with the bench unnoticed.  

“This is an indication of a huge security lapse within the hospital. Patients and healthcare workers are not safe,” one person remarked.

A section of Kenyans advised the governor to upgrade the hospital’s security to avoid such incidences.

He was also urged to improve the infrastructure in such facilities to increase the number of people receiving services. This would result in more activity in the hospitals which would scare away such criminals.

Kenyans asked Kang’ata to focus on major issues affecting the country rather than launch a manhunt for bench thieves, he should leave that for the police.

“Instead of the county purchasing another bench, it shall establish a committee drafts a budget and per diem, for its members to investigate the theft,” another opined.  

Others argued that the high cost of living in the country has pushed a majority of Kenyans to criminal activities to make ends meet.

They added that the incident was a mere reflection of the real situation that ‘hustlers’ are going through across the country.

Kenyans called upon the governor and the regime to focus on their fellow politicians milking the national coffers dry.

Traders at Kaharati Market in Murang’a County selling fruits in July 2019


Wangari Mwaniki

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