5 Armed Men Raid Petrol Station in Kisii

Police officers stationed at Ogembo town, Kisii County, are in pursuit of five-armed men who raided a petrol station on Monday night and made away with Ksh100,000.

Thomas Bokea, the night guard at the petrol station, told the press that the gang arrived at the petrol station at 1:00 a.m, dressed in police uniforms.

The thieves, armed with rifles and flashlights, claimed that they were hunting down suspects in the area and asked Bokea if he had seen them approaching his location. 

Bokea denied knowledge of the wanted suspects and permitted the thieves disguised as police to search the station’s parking area.

Police officer disembarking from a vehicle.



“At approximately 1:00 am, they discovered me sitting and informed me that they were in search of thieves who had run towards my direction. They explained their intention to inspect the vehicles parked at the station, and I consented,” he stated.

“Subsequently, they proceeded to question me, inquiring about how many people are on night duty and other details.”

Following the search, the gang accosted Bokea and his colleague, threatening to harm them if they did not comply with its demands.

Subsequently, the two-night guards were tied up and locked in a room while the gang proceeded to ransack the entire petrol station.

According to Bokea, they stole Ksh100,000 before fleeing. 

Locals called upon police officers from Ogembo town, which is about 1.5 kilometres from the scene, to increase night patrols and curb the rising robbery cases. 

In September, detectives in Kisii County gunned down three suspected robbers who had raided a mobile money agent in Suneka town.

At the time, detectives noted that they would collaborate with locals to flash out wanted suspects. 

A petrol station attendant fueling a vehicle in April 2020.



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