Narok Mechanic Dies While Repairing Car Tyre at Petrol Station

A mechanic lost his life on the spot on Monday while repairing a tyre at a petrol station in Narok County.

According to reports, the car tyre burst while he was at work, lunging him into the air.

The force of being thrust suddenly into the air caused the man to land on his head, resulting in the fatality.

Car tire hits a pothole


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Speaking to journalists, John Momanyi, the Police Commander of Narok Central Sub County, stated that the mechanic sustained injuries and died before he could be rushed to hospital. 

The Police Commander warned garage and petrol station owners to take precautions to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

“It is important to install fire extinguishers, helmets, and other safety equipment to minimize the impact of accidents when they occur,” Momanyi stated.

Momanyi also condoled with the families of the deceased following the loss of their loved one.

The deceased’s family is making burial arrangements after the mechanic’s body was transported to Narok County Referral Hospital Mortuary.

Vehicle tire and wheel rim explosions can occur when repair is done before deflating the tire.

In case of such an explosion, the blast of the tyre parts and the rim assembly pose a serious threat to anyone nearby.

It is therefore important to inspect the wheel assembly during repairs to ensure there are no defects.

Other reasons that can lead to tyre bursts include poor tire inflation, a damaged tread that is excessively worn, and overloading.

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