OneLife Rally Tourists Forced to Flee After Lion Ambushes Them [VIDEO]

Tourists attending the OneLife Rally in Kenya, pitting drivers racing between Nairobi and Malindi, were forced to flee on Tuesday when a lion ambushed them during a stopover at Masai Mara National Park while they were eating.

A video shared by the race organizers showed guests enjoying dinner under the shade of trees at the Mara with a chef serving them.

Suddenly, a ranger appeared, alerting everyone to an approaching lion. The ranger quickly instructed the tourists to return to the safari cars parked just metres away.

“Take care. A lion is coming. Get into your vehicles. Faster,” the ranger stated.

Responding to the alert, the tourists ran to safety, seeking refuge in vehicles, including game vans.

In a statement, the organisers clarified that the Masai Mara stopover was a planned event in the race itinerary to allow tourists and participants to explore Kenyan wildlife particularly the big five.

Responding to the incident on social media, one of the guests, Milan Djordjevic Crni, shared his experience and described the incident as both terrifying and exciting.

“The best and the scariest experience ever,” he stated.

Fortunately, none of the guests were injured during the incident. 

Nonetheless, a few of them raised suspicions, suggesting that the episode might have been a coordinated prank orchestrated by the rangers and rally organisers.

The One Life Rally, which commenced on October 28, is set to conclude on November 4. 

The crew is journeying from Nairobi to Malindi in a convoy of luxurious vehicles, featuring prestigious brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche.


A police officer posing for a photo near a car participating in the OneLife Rally on October 27, 2023.



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