Senator Karen Nyamu Wants School Probed After Pupil’s Death at Swimming Pool

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu on Wednesday lobbied the Senate Committee on Education to initiate a probe into the death of a Grade 6 pupil who died in a school swimming pool.

Senator Karen Nyamu who visited the family of the child in Bahati earlier in the week said she would ensure the family get child gets justice for the loss of their child.

”I rise, pursuant to Standing Order 53 (11 to seek a Statement from the Standing Committee on Education regarding the death, allegedly in the school’s swimming pool on 11th October, 2023, of Master Harders Kanyoru Mutahi, a grade six pupil at Kimathi Primary School in Hahati, Makadura Constituency, Nairobi City County,” the Senator remarked.

In a list of demands issued by Senator Nyamu, the Senator wants the Committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the pupil’s demise.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu during a past Press Conference.

”Provide a comprehensive report on the school’s actions upon confirming the death, the process of notifying the parts, details of incident reporting, and immediate responses by the authorities, including the Ministry of Education,” the Senator demanded.

Further, the senator asked the Committee to examine allegations that the school where the pupil studied is trying to jeopardize the investigation process including coaching witnesses. The Senator also wants the Committee to probe whether the institution has been coercing and intimidating pupils who may have witnessed the incident.

”Investigate allegations of abuse of office by the headteacher, including claims of religious discrimination, exorbitant fees charged for remedial teaching in contravention of directives from the Ministry of Education,” she stated,

The Senator also wants the Ministry of Education to outline the steps it intends to take to ensure justice is served to the family including compensation.

”Outline any measures by the school management and the Ministry of Education to ensure the security/safety and well-being of learners within the Primary School and other such institutions is enhanced, from me on, while looking into the possibility of transferring the siblings of the deceased pupil who may have trauma and also afraid of victimization and possible psychological,” she added.

According to the Senator, the pupil allegedly died in the school swimming pool on October 11, 2023.

”The circumstances surrounding the young soul’s death and the conduct of the school thereafter have been disheartening and shocking,” Senator Nyamu stated when she paid the family a visit.

Senator Karen Nyamu during a Senate Session on Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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