CCTV Captures Burglar Breaking Into Kajiado Wholesale Near Police Station

A thief was on Friday captured on CCTV breaking into a wholesale shop located near Isinya Police Station in Isinya, Kajiado County. 

In a video circulated widely, the burglar, who was wearing a red jumper, below-knee shorts, and canvas shoes, was filmed breaking through the ceiling before descending using a rope.

The thief also wore a face mask to conceal his identity. It was yet to be clear whether he was aware of CCTV cameras monitoring the vicinity. 

Once inside, he ignited a torch and proceeded to ransack the store, picked a variety of items and placed them inside a gunny bag he found lying idle. 

Fearless thief climbing down a shop in Isinya, Kajiado county on November 3, 2023


The burglar then proceeded to the shop owner’s office, which held several electronic items, including a computer, woofers, and other accessories.

According to the shop owner, the thief allegedly walked away with Ksh1 million in cash and other valuable goods. 

He also disclosed that the solo raid marked the third burglary incident at the same store this year. 

Consequently, the matter has since been reported to the police, with investigations already underway. 

Detectives also launched a manhunt for the thief who ransacked the shop for close to 30 minutes.

Isinya Police Commander Patrick Manyasi revealed that the officers would review the CCTV footage in an attempt to identify the thief through his body features, common behaviours and other clues. 

Police will also pay attention to his clothing, movement and whether he was familiar with the premises. Nonetheless, they did not rule out the possibility of the burglary being an inside job. 

A screengrab of a man stealing a bench from Muranga level 5 hospital

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