Calvin Ochieng: Boda Rider Who Endorsed Ruto’s Candidature Laments Over Ksh 10M Claim

Calvin Ochieng, the boda rider who supported President William Ruto’s candidature during the 2022 elections, has lamented over claims that he was paid Ksh10 million by the Head of State.

Speaking during an interview on Friday, the boda rider based in Nairobi, expressed his disappointment over the assertion which he claimed was being spread by Ruto’s close associates.

He noted that the claims had put him in an uncomfortable position as most of his friends have been constantly borrowing money from him thinking he is loaded.

However, Ochieng did not reveal the names of Ruto’s allies he was referring to. 

President William Ruto speaking during the 2023 Taxpayers Day in Mombasa County on November 3, 2023.



“Some people have surrounded you (Ruto) and their work is to go around and claim that I was given Ksh10 million. Do I look like someone who was given Ksh10 million?” Ochieng posed.

“I have never heard the President say that he has given me Ksh10 million. Why are they saying that now and causing a rift between me and my colleagues?”

The boda rider also called on the President to fulfil his pledges to boda boda riders lamenting over the government policies which he argued have led to an increase in the cost of living including an uptick in the price of fuel.

Ochieng advised the President to convene a meeting with players in the sector and fulfil his promise of involving them in the running of his administration.

He argued that the sector had been neglected by the government following Ruto’s win in the 2022 polls.

However, he maintained that he occasionally talks to the President.

“We used to sing hatupangwingwi and you used to sit on my motorbike. I could even accompany you in my car. Nowadays, I am not even invited for the public holidays,” he stated.

“I do not know what the problem is and people are even asking me the same.”

Ochieng is the second hustler to complain about being sidelined by the President after winning the State House race.

Kiambu businesswoman Pauline Waithera, who also seconded Ruto’s candidature lamented that she has been left in the cold.

However, days later, after having an interview with the media in June, she recanted her statement claiming that she maintains a good relationship with the Head of State.

“Ruto has been my friend since 2013. I have loved him since then, people don’t know why I came to love Ruto,” she stated. 

Pauline Waithera accompanied by President William Ruto after the presidential debate on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.



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