How Kenyan Athlete Julius Ndirangu Ended Up Serving 5 Years in Prison

In his early 20s, Kenyan Athlete Julius Ndirangu had it all; money, and fame and was representing his country in international competitions. However, meeting with a girl at a club led to him being arrested.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, Ndirangu opened up on his journey that saw him move from being an athlete earning millions in Japan to serving a 5-year sentence at the Naivasha Maximum Security Prison.

He explained that his tribulations began when he returned from Japan to Kenya in 2021. 

At the time, he wanted to visit his family and friends and prepare for a racing event in the United States.

A photo of Naivasha Prison in Nakuru County pictured on October 18, 2014.



On October 24, 2022, Ndirangu per his regular morning schedule, attended practice sessions at a training camp in Nyandarua County. 

Afterward, he decided to meet up with his cousins who decided to head to a local club to have fun. 

The 20-year-old athlete disclosed that he was intrigued by the ambience of the club and in particular, was more drawn to a girl across the table. After making eye contact for a while, the girl decided to leave her seat and walk over to him.

They began chatting and exchanging pleasantries, with the two exploring the possibility of extending the conversation past the club.

After that night out, Ndirangu and the lady ended up liking each other and forming a close bond.  

They would later meet frequently as their friendship blossomed.

Through their friendship, the lady opened up to Ndirangu, detailing her struggles and hardships.

“We became friends and would see each other from time to time. She approached me and informed me that she needed help to raise her 3-year-old child. Touched by her plight, I decided to employ her to work in the house, taking care of my grandmother at our family home. She told me that she was 19 years old at the time,” he stated.

One fateful day, while practicing at a camp, he received a call, informing him that he was needed at home.

“I went and found police officers at the house, they arrested me and took me to Kipipiri police station, saying that I was getting involved with an underage girl. Protesting that she was above the age, I found out that she was 17 years old,” he narrated.

He was also charged with defilement something which he insists didn’t happen. The athlete regrets meeting the lady, insisting that his kind nature was taken advantage of. 

“Know that even touching a minor, kissing her can have dire consequences. So, I advise the public to take care not to fall into such traps. I didn’t envision that I would be here, serving 5 years. The lady’s life is thriving while mine is stagnating.”

Ndirangu hopes to get back to the field once he serves his sentence.

An athlete celebrates with a Kenyan flag after winning a race.


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