Mob Attacks Boda Boda Rider in Kilimani

Two men, suspected of being involved in a series of robberies in the Kilimani area of Nairobi, were arrested while attempting to steal a mobile phone on Mwalimu Juma road near Astrol petrol station.

Eyewitnesses, who spoke to the press, disclosed that the suspects were onboard a motorcycle and had successfully snatched a phone from a woman along Lenana Road.

The woman, taken by surprise, wailed, drawing attention to the getaway motorcycle. The two robbers tried to make a quick escape but were countered when a boda boda rider threw a log their way, causing them to trip because of their high speed.

Motorbikes parked in Nairobi Central Business District by boda boda riders on April 18, 2023.



Following the incident, nearby onlookers descended on the duo with heavy kicks and blows, expressing their frustrations over the rise of insecurity in the area.

“This has become a trend, every time we hear cases of people losing their phones in the area,” were remarks from the mob which was baying for the duo’s blood.

The two robbers received a severe beating from the crowd which was threatening to escalate into something serious before police officers arrived at the scene to restore order. They managed to disperse the mob and took the two men into custody.

The woman, whose phone was stolen, also accompanied the officers and recorded a statement.

The incident highlights the rise in insecurity across the country, with the public raising alarm over the rise in robbery cases.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) attached to Nyeri County on Saturday, November 4, recovered 417 stolen mobile phones following a raid on a suspect’s electronics shop.

The operation came after the detectives interrogated two men who had earlier been arrested for committing the same crime.

The officers warned criminals against the vice and assured the public that the gangs were on police radar and would be brought to book. 

Photo of Recovered Phones and Laptops following a Police Raid in Kisii Town on October 18, 2023


National Police Service

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