Police Officer & Businessman Fight Over Lady at Club


A police officer attached to Kimilili Police Station in Bungoma County was on Saturday arrested following an altercation with a middle-aged businessman at a local club over a 22-year-old woman.

In a police report filed under 04/04/11/2023, a manager from the club reported the commotion to the police, disclosing that the businessman arrived at the club in the wee hours of Saturday morning, in the company of a lady.

After hours of binge drinking, the lady was approached by a drunk police constable, who had the intention of snatching her from the businessman.

A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021



A confrontation ensued between the two over the woman, and the anger from both men intensified. Irate over the incident, the officer dashed from the club to his white Nissan Note in the parking lot.

He withdrew his G3 rifle from the trunk and fired one round in the air.

In the process, the officer was wrestled down by a team of officers who had been called by the club’s management.

The detectives were also assisted by the members of the public to disarm the drunk cop.

The officers recovered a total of 18 rounds of ammunition and one spent cartridge at the scene. 

The drunk officer, the businessman and the lady were escorted to the station and booked.

In a surprising turn of events, another officer of the station tried to free the drunk officer from the station but was subsequently arrested by his colleagues. 

Officers have since launched investigations to establish the officer’s conduct and determine whether disciplinary measures are warranted.

A photo of a police car along Mombasa Road, Nairobi in August 2022.



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