Wajir MCAs Stuck After Vehicle Submerged in Flood Waters [VIDEO]

A section of Wajir Members of County Assembly found themselves on the wrong end of the ongoing floods after their vehicle became partially submerged in water due to heavy rains. 

In a viral video, the MCAs could be heard pleading for help while standing on top of a pick-up.

A huge part of the vehicle was submerged in flood waters when the MCAs started shouting for help and pleading with authorities to come to their rescue. 

“We need to be rescued,” one of them could be heard shouting.

Reports indicate that the MCAs were on a fact-finding mission, to map out areas prone to flooding when the incident occurred.

The MCAs could be seen clinging to firm parts of the pickup as they waited to be rescued.

In a desperate attempt to rescue himself, one of the truck occupants could be seen preparing to brave his way through the floods after losing hope of being rescued on time.

Wajir is one of the regions expected to experience heavy rainfall this weekend according to an advisory released by the Kenya Meteorological Department.

The Wajir incident comes two days after a lorry driver and his passengers were rescued on Thursday by a helicopter after raging floods submerged the vehicle following a heavy downpour.

The driver operating in Samburu County had attempted to drive through rushing waters but he was overpowered by the raging water flow.

As the lorry got submerged by the water, the occupants got out through the window to try and stay atop the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has warned that various parts of the country will experience heavy rains in the coming weeks.

Kenya Metereological Department Director David Gakungu addressing the press


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