I Will Only Compensate Individuals in Dongo Kundu – Ruto Exposes Land Scammers

President William Ruto on Sunday revealed that his administration had thwarted attempts by a number of individuals who tried to swindle the government by claiming compensation for parcels in Dongo Kundu which they don’t own.

Speaking during a church service on Sunday, Ruto stated that a list bearing names of persons claiming compensation was presented to him. However, the whole episode seemed fishy as some of the names raised eyebrows.

Ruto revealed after due diligence was done, the scrutiny revealed that some of the listed persons lived in Busia, Kakamega and his own hometown of Eldoret.

The individuals, some of them wealthy people, had sneaked their names into the list tabulated to guide the compensation for persons displaced from the land acquired to construct a Special Economic Zone.

A photo of the busy Mombasa Port in Mombasa County, Kenya



“I have plans in place that will lock out scammers, conmen and corrupt individuals. The only people we will compensate are individuals already residing on the parcel and not those living elsewhere,” the President told the congregation.

“I was given a list of individuals to be compensated in Dongo Kundu which includes some living in Busia, Kakamega, Eldoret, and Nakuru and I wondered why we should pay individuals living in Nakuru yet the issue is in Dongo. The list was riddled with corrupt individuals and conmen.”

He further reiterated that the economic zones and government investment at the Ports of Mombasa and Lamu was aimed at boosting the lives of Kenyans in General and residents of the two counties in particular.

“The only beneficiaries of everything we are doing at the Port of Mombasa and Lamu is only for the benefit of the people of Kenya and the people of this region. Individuals and select companies cannot take advantage of the revamped ports,” he added.

To facilitate the expansion, the Head of State promised to hire over 7,000 youth with the number of job beneficiaries expected to increase to 50,000 in due course.

The Head of State also promised to link the two ports with the rest of of the hinterland with the infrastructure expected to extend all the way to Kisangani in DRC. 

In Naivasha, the State intends to set up a big industrial Park aimed at boosting exports via the Port of Mombasa in a move expected to improve the port’s annual revenue from Ksh3 billion to Ksh50 billion.

Earlier, Ruto had ordered an audit on the list of beneficiaries indicating that he was determined to put the matter, which had dragged on for 20 years, to bed.

An earlier list showed that there were 1,759 beneficiaries, 403 of whom were yet to be verified. The affected were to be settled in 6 villages.

President William Ruto speaking during an interview in Saudi Arabia on October 24, 2023.


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