KenHa Issues Advisory After Floods Sweep Section of Chemelil – Muhoroni Road

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHa) has issued an advisory to motorists after floods swept a portion of the  Chemilil- Muhoroni Highway rendering the road impassable.

In a statement, the agency informed motorists that the heavy rains have disrupted traffic between Chemelil and Muhoroni. 

As such, KeNHA told motorists to use alternative routes depending on their travel plans.

Motorists traveling from Chemelil to Muhoroni were advised to use the Chemelil- Awasi- Kipsitet- Muhoroni stretch.

Meanwhile, those travelling from Muhoroni to Chemelil were advised to use the Muhoroni- Kipsitet- Awasi- Chemelil route.

”A portion of the Chemelil – Muhoroni Road, located 2.5 kilometers from Chemelil, has been rendered impassable due to heavy rainfall from last night. This has disrupted traffic between Chemelil and Muhoroni,” the authority stated.

A Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) sign on a highway



”The Authority is diligently working to restore normalcy,” the agency said in its statement.

As the country grapples with the heavy rain season, road users have been affected in a major way with heavy torrents curtailing movement across various roads.

Instructively, this is the third advisory issued by KeNHA within a span of one week cautioning motorists to be careful when using a specific road.

On Friday, November 3, the agency issued a travel advisory announcing the temporary closure of the Meru – Mikinduri – Maua Road following a landslide.

”KeNHA wishes to notify and caution motorists plying Meru – Mikinduri – Maua (B102) Road of a landslide on the road section which has been occasioned by the heavy downpour experienced in the area,” the agency advised motorists.

Hours later, the agency announced that normal traffic flow had been restored.

One day later, a second landslide rocked the area, prompting KenHA to issue a second travel advisory alert.

”The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) wishes to notify and caution motorists plying Meru – Mikinduri – Maua (B102) Road of a second landslide that occurred in the aforementioned road section earlier today,” KeNHA advised.

A boy who was swept away by floods in Turkana.


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