Nairobi UDA MCAs Urge Ruto to Whip Elected MCA into Line

A section of Nairobi Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) affiliated to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) on Wednesday issued a demand to President William Ruto urging him to take disciplinary action against Umoja 1 Ward MCA Mark Ronald Mugambi. 

The MCAs who are members of the ruling party remarked that Mugambi had on more than one occasion disrespected nominated leaders. 

In a press statement, the politicians accused Mugambi of hurling sexual slurs and questioning the nomination criteria of the MCAs. 

“He (Mugambi) has been posting on social media platforms that the President erred during the nomination exercise,” Deputy Minority Leader Esther Waithera stated. 

Umoja 1 Ward MCA Mark Ronald Mugambi.


Mark Mugambi

“He has been stating that the Secretary-General nominated wife and relatives. Please (Ruto) intervene.”

Waithera remarked that the nominated leaders had campaigned aggressively for President William Ruto and their appointment was on merit. 

She vowed that as they waited for the President to act, they would move to court in the meantime.

Supporting Waithera’s statement, Deputy Minority Whip Joyce Muthoni regretted that an elected leader could refer to a fellow as a concubine.

She alleged that Mugambi made the remarks on a WhatsApp group where a senior UDA politician is a member. 

Muthoni further claimed that UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala was meddling with the affairs of the county.

“We are saying that Malala must keep off Nairobi politics. Malala must withdraw his sentiments on how to manage the Nairobi County Assembly,” she stated.

The group stated that they had consolidated evidence showing that Malala was sabotaging the affairs of the county. 

Calling the President to bring the Party to order, she alleged that Malala was intimidating some of the members and asking for favours. 

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malalah speaking at Hustler Plaza in Nairobi on July 25, 2023.


Cleophas Malalah

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