Ruto Gives New Directive On Recruitment of Police & KDF

President William Ruto has directed the National Police Service and Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to ensure that their future recruitment drives prioritise officers from the National Youth Service (NYS).

Speaking in Parliament while delivering his first State of the Nation address, the head of state urged the two entities to ensure NYS officers account for 80 per cent of recruits. 

He added that NYS had scaled its recruitment to 40,000 youths from 20,000 to create more employment opportunities and, thus, the need for other security agencies to change their structures. 

”To consolidate this proposition, we have directed that 80 per cent of future recruits to all our national  security services will be from among the well-trained, talented, and committed young men and women who have undergone training at NYS.”

Members of Parliament attending President William Ruto’s State of Nation address on November 9, 2023.


Musalia Mudavadi

He added that he was keen on ensuring that the recruitment to the service reflects a national outlook.

”Consequently, we are doubling enrolment to 40,000 in the Service from next year, and have made it absolutely mandatory that every village, centre, town, and city in Kenya is properly represented in the recruitment,” the President further stated.

In the current recruitment, the government considers qualifications in terms of age, education credentials, and height, among other factors.

Ruto also issued a progress report on the Kenya Kwanza regime development implementations and future plans.

He reiterated the move by his administration to curb cases where security agencies are exploited to commit extrajudicial crimes.

”In discharging this commitment, we have been mindful not to use security imperatives to commit impunity, including misuse of resources and extrajudicial infringements on freedoms and fundamental human rights of citizens,” added Ruto in his address.

Meanwhile, on October 4, President William Ruto adopted three recommendations from a progress report presented by the task force on police reforms chaired by former Chief Justice David Maraga.

While accepting three recommendations, William Ruto approved the recommendation to have cadet levels as entry points into the National Police Service.

”At a time when a crime is constantly evolving, this provision will attract more professionals to police service,” President Ruto said.

He also approved the National Police Service, the Prisons Service and the National Youth Service to be moved to the security sector in regard to salaries. 

The third recommendation was barring officers from remaining at one station for more than three years. 

Recruits at a training camp in Kisumu on February 21, 2021


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