Whatever He Said Is Not What He Is Doing Now – Julius Malema Disses Ruto [VIDEO]

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) party leader Julius Malema has criticised President William Ruto over his unfulfilled election pledges.

Speaking during the launch of the Pan African Insitute at Lukenya University on Thursday, the opposition leader expressed that he did not know who Ruto was anymore given that he had taken a different direction from his pre-election stance.

In particular, he cited Ruto’s promise of de-dollarisation which he has been pushing for among his colleagues in Africa.

Notably, Malema was among the African opposition leaders to voice his support for Ruto after the Head of State won the 2022 election.

“President William Ruto said many things and I cannot locate him these days because the things he said during the election campaigns are not what he is doing. They are different things,” he stated.

“He said that we need to do away with the dollar and build our own currency but his actions are not speaking anything to doing away with the dollar.”

On the other hand, Malema criticised Ruto’s administration for the reception accorded to King Charles III and Queen Camila during their State visit last week.

According to Malema, the Kenyan government should have done more to ensure that the King apologised to Kenyans for the atrocities committed by British authorities in the colonial era. 

“We have a duty to stay true to the course. We have a duty to remind the King and Britain of what they did to us,” he added.

“Indeed he (the King) shows no remorse. He says that it should have never happened and falls short of I apologise and I am sorry. He thinks his reign makes him more superior.”

Malema called on Ruto to stand firm and protect the interests of the African continent while advancing Kenya’s foreign policy.

“The Kenyan government must decide whether they want to pan-Africans or whether they want to be pro-colonialist. You cannot have it both ways,” Malema indicated.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla greeting President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto after arriving at State House on October 31, 2023.


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