Kenya Power Announces Partial Blackout

Several parts of the country, including Nairobi and Mombasa, are currently experiencing blackouts, Kenya Power has confirmed. 

Kenya Power which operates under the ticker KPLC, told that it was waiting for data on the affected areas before releasing a comprehensive statement.

“We’ll share an update with you as soon as the data is available,” Immaculate Kubai, Corporate Communications Officer at Kenya Power, stated. 

Kenya Power technicians fixing a problem on a pole after customers’ complaints in September 2022.



Following the uproar, the utility firm released a statement at 8:30 pm, stating that their technical team was working round the clock to restore power. 

“We have lost power supply to parts of the country. Our engineers are working to restore supply to the affected areas. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused,” KPLC stated.

“An update on the restoration progress and the cause of the power outage will be issued later.”

Speaking to, several residents of different areas across the country, including Nairobi, Athi River, South B, and South C, complained of experiencing blackouts.

Kenyans online also voiced their frustrations about the blackout, questioning whether the government has placed necessary interventions to address nationwide power outages.

On August 25, 2023, the country also experienced a power outage for the entire night.

Following the outage, Kenya Power board chairperson Joy Mdivo attributed the incident to power loss at Turkana power station, affecting the supply across the country.

She added that the grid is designed in a way that when a maximum of four per cent of the power is lost, other grids kick in. However, the outage exceeded the four per cent loss, causing the grid to lose power, with some substations powering back up.

Kenya Power technicians installing a transformer in Kisumu County on April 5, 2022.


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