KK Mwenyewe : Comedian Who Mimicks Gachagua Reveals What DP Promised Him

If you’re an avid fan of social media, you must have come across funny skits of Zachariah Kariuki, better known as KK Mwenyewe, a comedian fond of mimicking Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. 

From the DP’s fashion sense to his mannerisms, KK Mwenyewe has arguably mastered Gachagua down to the smallest details. 

The comedian came into the limelight shortly after the Kenya Kwanza government took over office, with his prowess and mastery of comedy taking centre stage. 

Owing to his fanbase, many people expected the DP to uplift the comedian’s life for his creativity in content creation. In an interview with Jeff Kuria, Kariuki, however, stated that this expectation has yet to materialise. 

Zachariah Kariuki alias KK Mwenyewe poses for a photo on October 13, 2023.


KK Mwenyewe

He noted that the DP, in a past interview, had acknowledged his skits and promised to meet with him.

“I also saw another man who has been mimicking me and I will look for him,” the comedian quoted the DP’s remarks. 

Following the DP’s statement, Kariuki expressed enthusiasm at the chance of engaging the country’s second-in-command. 

“I received calls from his office promising to take me to meet him but to date, they have never fulfilled the promise,” he stated. 

“I would call them multiple times and they would say that he is either attending a burial ceremony or another event or is outside the country but kept promising to organise a meeting with him at Anniversary Towers, that never came to pass.”

After a series of failed attempts, Kariuki disclosed that his friends advised him to change his style of dressing and content, arguing that these factors could be influencing the DP’s lack of response. 

“They even told me to change my style of dressing as it might be creating a negative perception of the Deputy President.”

The comedian also spoke on Ivy Chelimo, the law graduate who landed a job at DP’s Communication Department courtesy of coining the nickname Riggy G. 

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua meeting residents of Tigania West Constituency on June 10, 2023.


He expressed gratitude for the opportunities presented to content creators, a field that was previously looked down upon as a form of employment. 

Nevertheless, he contended that he played a key role in the success that propelled the nickname Riggy G to trend on social media.

He noted that he began content creation in 2020, shortly after he enrolled at Kisii University. His debut skit, ‘Mtazamaji’, marked the beginning of his creative endeavours as he content-created short comedic skits. 

Throughout his life, Kariuki has been engrossed with politics and has been primarily fascinated with the Deputy President’s personality, which led him to incorporate the character into his content. 

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