KeNHA Issues Update After Palm Oil Tanker Accident at Nyanja

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has provided an update following an incident where a tanker transporting palm oil overturned along the Nakuru-Eldoret road at Nyanja. 

The spillage of palm oil on the road has rendered the area slippery for other vehicles, exacerbated by an additional accident involving an emergency vehicle at the scene.

”The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) wishes to notify motorists traveling between Nakuru and Eldoret (A8) Road that a tanker has overturned and spilled palm oil on the Road at Nyanja (about 3km north of Mau Summit interchange).” the Authority stated

The Authority has advised motorists to use alternative routes as it tries to restore normalcy, a process which the agency admitted was taking longer than expected.

A tanker carrying palm oil involved in an accident along Nakuru Eldoret Road



As such, KeNHA advised motorists to consider using the Makutano to Nakuru route through Kabarak.

”Consequently, motorists traveling between Eldoret and Nakuru are advised to use the Makutano – Eldama ravine – Kabarak – Nakuru Road to avoid congestion,” KeNHA stated

”The Authority has mobilized all efforts to ensure the road is open and safe to road users within the shortest time.” the Authority further stated,” KeNHA further noted.

The initial incident involved a tanker transporting unrefined palm oil that overturned in the Nyanja area, resulting in a spillage at the scene. 

Consequently, heavy traffic ensued, stretching up to 5 kilometers along the route and leaving motorists stranded. 

Fortunately, there were no reported casualties in the accident, with only two people sustaining injuries and promptly receiving medical attention at the hospital.

Prompted by the incident, the emergency response team swiftly took action to contain the situation and minimize additional risks.

 Unfortunately, during their efforts, the fire vehicle dispatched to the scene tipped and veered off the road.

Nevertheless, police personnel from Mau Summit Police Station, under the command of Commander Judah Gathenge from Kuresoi North Sub-County, efficiently managed the traffic at the scene. 

Their intervention aimed to prevent any further disruptions and ensure a controlled and orderly situation.

A firefighter vehicle involved in an accident while responding to an emergency



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