GTCI Report Ranks Kenya 8th Among African Countries Attracting Top Talent

Kenya has been ranked among the top 100 countries attracting the most competitive talent in the world.

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2023 Report ranked Kenya at position 98 globally and 8th in Africa.

Within the continent, Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana, Cabo Verde and Egypt were ranked first to fifth respectively.

Visitors gathered at KICC during the Africa Climate Summit on September 6, 2023


On a global level, Switzerland, Singapore, US, Denmark and Netherlands were ranked as the top 5 nations.

The annual report measures how countries and cities grow, attract, and retain talent. It also looks at various factors that contribute to competitiveness of attracting talent.

To that end, the report ranked Kenya in several sectors including education, sustainability, governance, workforce, and financial institutions.

According to the report, the area where Kenya scored the best was on ease in finding skilled employees and cloud computing. On this metric, Kenya featured at position 15 globally.

Nonetheless, Kenya delivered a mixed bag on various other metrics.

For instance; Kenya was ranked 95th globally for creating an enabling business environment. 

In terms of attracting talent, including expatriates, the country was ranked 105th. 

The ability to cultivate talent placed Kenya at 92nd globally. 

However, challenges arose in talent retention, with Kenya securing the 114th spot. 

In the realm of imparting vocational and technical skills, Kenya was ranked 90th. When assessing the competitiveness of Kenyan talent on the global stage, the country held the 94th position.

“In such a renewed landscape, an increasing number of talent can make choices having where they want to live and how they wish to work,” read part of the report.

The report further revealed that there were talent inequalities between rich and poor countries.

Smaller European countries dominated the list of the top ten talent-competitive countries.

GTCI predicted that over the coming decade, talent competitiveness will gain even more importance as critical elements such as competitiveness, innovation, and geopolitical soft power gain more prominence.

“As uncertainties and international tensions continue to accumulate in trade, in investment, in politics and in diplomacy, we can expect more rather than fewer talent wars,” read part of the report.

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