Police Shoot Dead Kajiado Man for Killing 2 With Hammer

Police officers in Loitokitok in Kajiado County killed a suspect who was accused of striking two residents to death with a hammer.

David Maina Kabuthia, Loitokitok Police Commander, confirmed the incident, pointing out that the suspect was shot dead while attempting to steal a police car to use it as a getaway vehicle

According to Kabuthia, the deceased was trailing the first victim to his house, armed with a hammer. 

The suspect was accused of forcing himself inside one of the victim’s houses before striking him on the head, killing him instantly.

A photo of Olekasasi Police Post in Kajiado County.



Following the incident, the victim’s children raised an alarm, alerting their neighbour who resided 20 metres from their house.

In turn, the neighbour rushed to the house and found the suspect armed with the crude weapon standing over the body.

Commander Kabuthia added that the neighbour attempted to flee but was caught by the suspect, who struck him with the hammer multiple times, killing him on the spot too. 

Police officers who rushed to the scene demanded the suspect to surrender, but he resisted arrest and instead aimed the weapon at the detectives.

He then rushed towards a police vehicle parked on the side of the road and attempted to flee the scene

According to the commander, police opened fire, killing him instantly.

“The police had no other choice but to shoot this person dead,” Commander Kabuthia highlighted. 

Detectives launched investigations into the incident and sought to determine the motive behind the suspect killing the two victims. 

An image of a team of police officers arriving at a crime scene in Nairobi on December 8, 2021.

Photo: DCI

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