Court Detains Mackenzie and His Co-Accused for 1 More Month

The controversial pastor and main suspect in the Shakahola massacre Paul Mackenzie will continue being held until December 22 when the court will rule on an application filed by the prosecution seeking to detain him and his co-accused for another 6 months.

Appearing in court, Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Jami Yamina expressed fears that the accused persons might commit suicide if released hence the application.

The additional time, the ODPP said will allow the police to complete investigations into the matter.

While making its case, the prosecution argued that the Constitution allows for the detention of terror suspects for up to 360 days.

A photo collage of Paul Mackenzie (left) and security officers exhuming bodies at Shakahola Village in Kilifi County.


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The DPP stated that Parliament had also endorsed the decision to extend the detention period from 90 days to 360 days in complex cases.

Assistant DPP Yamina in her submission also opposed the court’s decision to release 6 of the 29 suspects as per the recommendations made by the Aftercare Services Department.

According to the assistant DPP, the suspects will need to undergo a deradicalization programme meaning they will need to be trained on how to approach life differently.

This according to Yamina will help them before being integrated back into the community. The state official submitted that there is no guarantee that they will not revert to their initial harmful religious practices if set free.

Paul Mackenzie is facing terrorism charges over the killings of over 300 people through a deadly cult he masterminded through misleading preaching.

The controversial pastor has been numerous times denied bail and continues to be held by authorities.

On August 4, he was detained for 47 more days with his co-accused after the prosecution applied for more time to complete investigations. 

Paul Mackenzie and his wife when they appeared in court on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.


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