Eric Maigo Murder: Suspect’s Mother Reveals Her Troubled Childhood

Doreen, the mother of the main suspect in the murder of Nairobi Hospital Finance boss Eric Maigo, has lifted the lid on the troubled childhood life of her daughter.

Speaking in an investigation series on Monday, Doreen revealed that her daughter Anne Adhiambo’s arrest in connection with the murder was hardly her first brush with law enforcement.

According to Doreen, Adhiambo’s rebellious tendencies were evident early on in her life, initially escaping school while attending class four at Olympic Primary School in Kibera, Nairobi.

While still in primary school, she was accused of stealing Ksh1,000 at the institution that she attended among other things. She was later accused, by her teachers, of hitting her mother with a stone.

Anne Adhiambo’s mother identified as Doreen.


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“A sponsor took my three children, including Anne, and enrolled them in school. She was taken to Olympic Primary School at around class 3,” Doreen recalled.

Her actions, however, worsened after a mzungu well-wisher identified as Marion admitted her to her children’s home in Ruai in an effort to sponsor her education.

At Ruai, however, Adhiambo allegedly stole Ksh20,000 from her sponsor, attracting the attention of law enforcement who arrested her.

“When she went to Ruai Children’s home, she stole some money from a school she attended. A total of Ksh20,000. She was found with Ksh15,000,” Doreen added indicating that her daughter later spent five years in jail and rehabilitation.

Upon release, she was also accused of stealing a mobile phone from her neighbour.

In her latest run-in with the law, Adhiambo, who scored 189 marks in primary school national exams, was accused of stabbing Maigo to death in his apartment before fleeing by jumping over a perimeter wall.

Initially, Maigo had pleaded guilty but reversed her plea on November 9 after the judge accorded her time to review her role in the murder.

“I am giving you more time so that you can consult your lawyer and get an understanding of what you have told the court,” the judge had initially ruled.

Adhiambo later revealed that she had been coerced to plead guilty to the murder.

Regarding her daughter’s age, which came under scrutiny in court, Doreen explained that she was not aware of when Adhiambo was born since she was sick at the time.

“I don’t remember when she was born. While applying for her birth certificate, I guessed that she was born in 2003 but my sister insisted it was 2006,” Doreen told the press.

Slain Nairobi Hospital finance officer Eric Maigo who was killed in September 2023


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