Female Nurse Who Quit Job After 10 Years Now Working in Quarry

Veronica Wairimu once had a thriving career as a nurse before she quit to work in a quarry.

Wairimu studied nursing and had been in the industry for over 10 years but did not feel fulfilled. She wanted to be her own person and own a business.

Her desire to be an entrepreneur stemmed from her childhood dream that made her covet being an independent adult.

In an interview with a media publication, Wairimu recalled being uneasy seeing her dream being derailed by the nursing course she took on her mother’s advice.

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Ndarugo Machine Building Stones

Determined to pursue what she had always wanted to do, Wairimu quit her nursing job and shared her desire to work in a quarry with friends and family who were at first perplexed by her choices.

“When I quit my job, I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue but I knew I was done being employed,” she narrated.

Others questioned why she chose the field especially since it was male-dominated.

However, her father believed in her and gave her Ksh20,000 as a down payment for construction materials.

Wairimu began her business by leasing a piece of land in Kiamuringa in Embu County.

She has so far employed some youth to work with her at the quarry with a special emphasis on delivering quality products to her customers.

“It was easier finding female employees for this job. Women do the digging while men carry the materials,” she remarked.

Despite being in charge, Wairimu does not shy away from leading by example. 

She employs about 10 workers a day to ensure the business makes a profit and provides a livelihood for the locals.

The entrepreneur urged those dissatisfied in their current employment to follow their passion.

“If you feel you are not thriving in where you are, or it’s not your calling. Go to where God has called you,” she advised.

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