Detectives Gun Down 2 Suspects in Siaya Who Killed Police Officer Delivering KCSE Exams

Law enforcement agents on Wednesday killed 2 men suspected of killing a police officer earlier this week tasked with transporting Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) papers to Mahero Secondary School in Siaya County.

The 2 suspects were killed in Alego Usonga, Siaya County. During the operation, two firearms stolen from the late police officer including an AK47 and an MP5 were recovered.

However, a third suspect is still on the run with police still trailing him.

“The MP5 and AK47 Rifle were recovered at Hawinga from the house of a suspect who escaped the police dragnet, while two suspects were fatally wounded,” the National Police Service communicated in a statement.

An image of a police vehicle spotted in Nairobi


The bust came a day after the trio managed to ambush a police vehicle on its way to deliver the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) exams at Mahero Secondary School.

Before being cornered, the thieves escaped to Busia where they were hiding before proceeding to Alego Usonga where they were eventually caught.

The suspects had forced their way into a house, where they sought to take shelter from the ongoing heavy rains.

However, a neighbor spotted them and alerted the landlord to the situation.

Once the landlord learned of the development, the owner accompanied by his neighbour, rushed to the house and confronted the suspects.

The landlord demanded to know who they were and what they were doing on his property.

However, the situation escalated when the landlord demanded to know what the intruders were carrying in a sack they had.

Upon looking more closely, the landlord noticed a gun protruding from the sack.

Alarmed by what he had seen, he reached out to his pocket to get his phone to call the chief but the suspects snatched his phone

The suspects then drew out the guns and pointed the firearms toward the direction of the landlord and his neighbor forcing them to scamper for safety.

Upon sensing that the situation was getting out of hand, the suspects escaped towards Wanga Hills.

DCI officers during a sting operation at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in June 2019.



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