Mob Lynches 2 Robbers in Pangani

Two men on Thursday suffered the wrath of an angry mob after they were cornered and lynched within Pangani Shopping Centre along Thika Road.

According to a police report, the two suspects had attempted to snatch a phone from a victim who had just completed shopping at the centre across from Jubilee House.

Their plan was, however, thwarted after nearby onlookers cornered and prevented them from escaping on a motorcycle.

Minutes later, the two men were surrounded by the angry mob who were baying for their blood, disrupting traffic along the superhighway. 

A photo of a section of Pangani Police Station



Police officers attached to Pangani Police Station rushed to the scene and found the lifeless bodies of the two robbers lying on the ground.

According to the report, the angry mob had beaten the two men to a bloody pulp and placed them on top of their motorcycle, which was set ablaze.

“The fire had engulfed both the victims and burned them beyond recognition,” read part of the report.

Members of the public assisted the officers in putting out the fire before the latter documented the scene. 

The two bodies were ferried to the city mortuary pending post-mortem examination. 

According to the latest data by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Nairobi recorded the highest crime rate in the year 2022, with 8,512 crimes reported at various police stations. 

This was followed by Kiambu (7,844), Meru (5,698), Nakuru (4,514), Machakos (3,813) and Murang’a (2,696).  

A photo of vehicles plying the Thika Super Highway in Nairobi County on March 6, 2020.



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