Azimio Leader Raila Accuses Ruto’s Advisors of Misadvising President Amid Political Blunders

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Monday called out President William Ruto’s allies especially those in his close-knit circle, blaming them for misadvising the Head of State over various issues including the Ksh Ksh17 billion oil scandal.

Speaking in Nyamira County during an ODM’s leaders’ and stakeholders’ engagement forum, Raila laughed off assertions that the current government is on top of things claiming that systems have not been working since the Kenya Kwanza government took over the reins.

In his speech, Raila questioned the government’s appetite for introducing new taxes holding that such policies will not achieve their intended purpose and neither will they help the country in any way.

“We have gone back to where we were. This person (Ruto) has no idea what he is doing, he is told to increase taxes and he does, but the pot is leaking,” he remarked.

A photo of President William Ruto making a phone call to a maize farmer in Kuria, Migori county on November 9, 2023.


Raila also alleged that President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party’s decision to postpone its elections to 2024 was due to internal conflict.

“When they heard that we will do our elections in April, they rushed to declare theirs in December. Now they have internal wrangles and have postponed the elections to next year like us,” he stated.

The former Prime Minister also commented on the recently released Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results; citing the inaccurate results as a sign of the government’s incompetence.

“Our children will have even more problems now. How can students in one class get the same grade in a subject?” Raila questioned.

The opposition leader further claimed that Ruto has presided over the running down of the government and its institutions ever since he took over the government in 2022.

In Raila’s opinion, President Ruto will not achieve anything even if he maintains a grip on power for 100 years.

Away from his rivalry with President Ruto, Raila drummed up support for his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ahead of its rejuvenation in the buildup to the 2027 elections.

“We want our party to be as strong as it was before,” he remarked.

President William Ruto during his inauguration at Kasarani Stadium on Tuesday, September 13, 2022


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