ICC Terminates Case Against President William Ruto

The International Criminal Court on Monday announced that it is currently wrapping up investigations in cases facing 6 suspects accused of crimes against humanity committed after the 2007 presidential elections.

President William Ruto was among the 6 suspects who at the time were accused of masterminding political violence after the disputed presidential election results.

In a statement sent to Kenyans. co. ke, ICC Deputy prosecutor Nazhat Shameem Khan stated that she had reached the decision after assessing the information available to her.

”After assessing all the information available to me at this time, I have decided to conclude the investigation phase in the Situation in Kenya. I have reached this decision after considering the specific facts and circumstances of this Situation,” the statement read in part. 

The six who were accused included Wiliam Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Joshua Arap Sang, Henry Kosgey, Mohammed Hussein Ali, and Francis Muthaura,

The accused persons have over the period had all their cases withdrawn with the prosecution citing a lack of evidence and interference of witnesses.

The Hague-based court stated that later it had launched investigations to follow up on foul play that led to the interference of the initial cases.

It released the names of three wanted persons who it alleged were involved in witness tampering 

Three wanted persons including former Ruto lawyer Paul Gicheru were placed under the court’s radar after it concluded that they had contravened Article 70 of the Rome Statute.

The mysterious death of lawyer Paul Gicheru who had already appeared before the court complicated the new investigations but the court insists the two who are currently at large have a case to answer.

ICC stated that two wanted persons including  Walter Barasa and Philip Koech accused of foul play will have their cases continue before the court.

”The Office maintains its capacity to act on information relating to retaliation against witnesses. In this regard, the cases against Mr. Barasa and Mr. Bett for offences against the administration of justice remain before the Court,” the Prosecutor stated.

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