Naivasha Residents Storm Sub County Hospital Alleging Medical Negligence

A group of Naivasha residents on Monday stormed the Naivasha Sub County Hospital after a family member died under unclear circumstances.

The deceased who was suffering from high blood pressure was rushed to the hospital after his situation worsened prompting urgent medical attention.

Speaking to journalists, some family members stated that when their kin was first admitted to the facility, he was given an oxygen concentrator and the family asked to pay Ksh10,000.


A screengrab of Naivasha residents and police outside the sub-county hospital on November 27, 2023

However, when the family could not immediately raise the funds, the staff at the hospital took away the concentrator from the patient, a move which effectively worsened his condition.

Minutes later the man was reported dead.

Family members now describe the case as a matter of medical negligence. Such cases have been reported widely recently with several patients losing their lives in various medical institutions.

 “Is it because we did not have money? Our son is dead,” one of the family members complained.

The angry family members and residents marched into the hospital triggering a scuffle with security personnel.

At the gate, a security guard attempted to keep them at bay outside the facility but he was eventually overpowered.

Outside the hospital, some of the family members were inconsolable while others narrated their frustrations to journalists.

They demanded justice asking for the hospital to explain why its staffers took away the concentrator.

Police officers were called to control the crowd and restore normalcy following a sustained period of confrontation between the 2 parties.

Investigations are already underway to establish facts in the case and get to the root of the problem.

A photo of a police car and locals at a past crime scene



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